Advanced Valuers Ltd (AVL) is a Reputable Professional Firm in the Valuation Industry, Providing Professional and Independent Valuation Services. We Specialize in Valuing Both Tangible and Intangible Assets. Under the Tangible Assets, we Focus on Valuing All Real Estate Assets, Plant & Machinery, Going Concerns, Motor Vehicles and Loose Assets.

We are Totally Committed to Upholding the Highest Industry Standards and We assure our Clients of Valuation Analyses that are objective, well reasoned, clear and supportable. 

Our Team of Experts comprises Fully Accredited and Duly Licensed Professionals with relevant qualifications, skill sets and proven experience to perform in-depth valuations. At AVL, we know that in business, time is of the essence and thus we deliver our services in an efficient manner; timely solutions at all times.

Therefore if You are Looking For Professional Valuations for Asset Backed Financing/Mortgage, Court Bonds, Dispute Resolutions, JV/Mergers/Acquisitions, Financial Reporting, Purchase/Sell, Insurance or any other purpose, Kindly Contact Us and Our Experts will Discuss and Handle All Your Valuation Needs.