Are you considering Investing in Real Estate in Kenya? The Market is Lucrative and Full of Great Opportunities. Similarly, there are several landmines along the Investment path that can potentially negate all the opportunities and your investment aspirations. In this regard, expert knowledge, market intelligence and proven experience in the sector is a key ingredient for your success in this industry; at Advanced Valuers, We believe that prospering in this field starts with professional consultancy under our mantra ‘Consult, Invest and Prosper.’  We have a track record of advising and facilitating genuine, carefully selected and professionally analyzed real estate investments for our clients and we’ve seen them reap high returns, grow their wealth and settle peacefully by relying on our expert investment advisory. We also offer Project management services to ensure that project promoters avoid cost overruns and deliver quality projects in good time. Finally under Investment, We offer Professional Property Management Services to ensure that the Developed Rental Properties stay leased and consistently appreciate in value.

In Summary, Under This Service Category, We Provide the Following Services:-

…Investment Advisory

…Property Management

…Project Management

We are here to ensure that you choose the right investment, that your construction project is well managed and that your ultimate investment is professionally managed for optimal returns. To Start or Progress Your Investment Journey, Consult with Us. Our Expertise, Your Advantage!