Estate Agency

At Advanced Valuers Ltd (AVL), We have an Able Team of Registered and Licensed Real Estate Agents who are accredited by the Relevant Licensing Board in Kenya, The Estate Agents Registration Board (EARB). Our Primary Focus is to Safeguard and Grow Wealth for Our Clients by ensuring that All the Transactions that happen under our guidance are Authentic/Genuine by following an elaborate Due Diligence process. We act as a reliable link to all your property needs, therefore whether you are selling, want to buy or let a property, we are here to serve you satisfactorily. We have the requisite experience to execute sales and marketing of your property that is backed be our elaborate client network that we’ve built over time and we also maintain a sizable pool of genuine properties that our clients can choose from both for sale and rental at all times. At AVL, we go beyond mere selling or letting of property:-

  • We give professional reliable property advisory supported by our Internal Team of Expert Valuers to ensure that our clients get value for their money/property by advising on current market values and market trends. 
  • We also assist clients to arrange for property financing with financial institutions for those in need and we provide consultation to clients on creative real estate financing and advice them on ways to expand their property investment portfolio. 
  • We Regularly share valuable information in the form of articles or curated news articles to educate and inform our clients and the the public about all things real estate.
  • We Provide guidance to clients on the effects of real estate legislation and regulation on any of their property transactions.
  • Mediate the negotiation of sale and lease for clients to ensure fair deals and to protect the interest of each party

Our clients have always enjoyed seamless and efficient transaction processes under our watch and we’ve facilitated genuine wealth creation; we are committed to consistently do even better for our repeat and new clients. Get In Touch with us for a Unique Estate Agency Experience.