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Valuation is an art or science of estimating the value of a particular interest in the property for a specific purpose at a particular moment in time taking into account all the features of the property and all market factors.

Valuation is of critical importance to a private investor to make sound investment decisions and to public institutions particularly in policy implementation.

These valuations can be broadly categorized into statutory and non statutory valuation. Statutory valuations are those whose basis of valuation is provided by legislation whereas non statutory valuations stem from natural events whose basis of assessment is governed by the appropriate valuation methods.

We undertake Valuation for the following Purposes:-

  • Sale/purchase,
  • Court Purposes (Bonds/Surety),
  • Mortgage, Insurance,
  • Rating,
  • Compulsory Acquisition,
  • Joint Ventures/Mergers,
  • Liquidation,
  • Financial Reporting/Book Purposes,
  • Auction/Forced Sale¬†or Rent determination.

We Value the following Range of properties: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural, Development properties, Vacant Land, Natural Resources, Plant & Machinery, Motor Vehicles, Going Concerns, Goodwill, Special purpose properties-cinemas, schools, theaters, hotels, restaurants, petrol stations, recreational facilities, churches, hospitals, golf courses, mineral lands, wildlife, marine & wildlife, Leasehold Properties, Furniture, Equipment, Computers, Fittings and Stock.

The Valuation Team at Advanced Valuers  is led by- A full member of the Institution of Surveyors of Kenya (M.I.S.K) who is also a Licensed and Practising Valuer.

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