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Under this Real Estate Service Category, we offer the following specific services to our esteemed clients:-

  • Real Estate Sales
  • Property Management
  • Letting and Leasing Property
  • Land Surveying Services
  • Facilitation of Property Acquisition
  • Conveyancing Services-Title Processing
  • Project Management
  • Property Development
  • Facilitation of Architectural Services
  • Market Surveys, Feasibility Studies and Investment Appraisal

Market Surveys, Feasibility Studies and Investment Appraisal: We provide market analysis and market forecasts in making decisions about the purchase, use or development of real estate. With investment appraisal, we   help real estate owners, investors and lenders make informed decisions by providing critical information about a specific concept or project, such as new construction, redevelopment or renovation of an existing property, or re-use of underutilized or abandoned facilities.

With professional investment appraisal, we help investors to appraise, select and engage in projects with maximum returns and minimum payback period and be able to avoid cost overruns and hedge against high exposure to unsystematic (specific) risks which are mitigated with proper appraisal.

Our Real Estate Services Team is led by a duly Registered, Licensed and Practicing Valuer and Estate Agent with requisite experience of over ten years.

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